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To The Grave (Digital / EP)

  1. A Wave Of NEXT STEP
  2. Boy With A Smile
  3. Living Ska Punk
  4. Interlude (Next Of Ska II)
  5. Zombies Dance Tonight
  6. Grave Of The Last Souls

Boy With A Smile (Digital / Single)


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  1. Boy With a Smile
  2. Living Skapunk (inst.)

Rock Is On The Loft (Digital / Album) (Notice! This product is not longer available)

  1. Rise of Next Step
  2. Ska Punk Hero
  3. Lonely Night (Studio 035)
  4. All of My Thanks
  5. Interlude (Next of Ska)
  6. A Piece of Freedom
  7. Untrue Scene (Originally by POTSHOT)
  8. Shadow In the Dark
  9. In the Moonlight (Singles ver.)
  10. Bonus Track (Studio 035)

In The Moonlight (Singles)

  1. In the Moonlight

NEXT STEP (CD-R Selftitled demos) (Notice! This product is no longer available)

  1. Trust To Believe
  2. No Return
  3. Sunset (Instrumental 2013 ver.)

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