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(From ”To The Grave”)

Boy With A Smile
For every step they take they are still not far behind
They spread the mood of love with magic that can’t unbind

And when the evening ends a sacred day
Darkness feed up all the light

And when the evening ends a sacred day
He is just a boy with a smile

Zombies Dance Tonight
So you think you are special, huh?
With that cute and smiling face
You are on top of the world, huh?
Where noone can reach you

Noone deserves your attention
Noone can borrow your freedom
Is it truly happiness?
Or will you face a dead end?

Zombies dance tonight
Zombies dance is allright

(From ”Rock is on the Loft”)

Ska Punk Hero
Another fighting spirit keeps the city in control
Nobody notice it or cares

During nighttime he will change into protective soul
To provide somebody help

Is there a reason to fight it back?
Is there a reason to change this world?

(Oh) Ska Punk Hero

Lonely Night
I believe your eyes can show me
I believe it’s a lonely night
Your smile is satisfaction
And I will be waiting

No eyes so pure and beautiful
Is this true and it’s real?

All of My Thanks
When I was a young boy
I learned what I should do
You taught me many things and I’m so grateful

You said I’ll always drink my milk
and study hard in school
I know it was only for your good intentions

I wanna remember the days
It is so memorable
You brought me to the world
And I’ll give you all of my thanks

Stay True
Have you forget how to act your way?
Doesnt matter, it’s how you choose

Finding your way inside the dark
You can never wish it out

Staying true, within your soul
All the light will shine on you

In the Moonlight
The road is dark, but im waiting patiently
A shadow in scene, my heart’s beating frequently

Face towards it, I will stay this place in time
Too difficult to change my way and meaning

If, I can change myself, I can see you standing
in the moonlight with me

Another door is opened
Another chance to see
We must stand together
It’s a dream or reality?

A Piece of Freedom
This is the final destination
Our time has come for a piece of freedom
So this is how the story really will end
We must take our chance here and now

I have a feeling of trust in you
I know that you can help me
Have you noticed a blooming change?
Have you lost control? Then come with me

Every day we will get closer to the truth
You can try with all you got to shut us down

Untrue Scene (Lyric by YOKO, RYOJI)
In the smiling light
I was thinking by myself
About the calm and happy days

In the quiet time
I was picturing myself
About the bright and glory days

Is this real?
Is this the future?
Is this truth?

Please tell me
You know it
Don’t pretend that you don’t see
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